Alaska’s fiscal problem is a leadership problem.

What has been done in the past clearly isn’t working.  We need a better way !

I will work directly with law enforcement, prosecutors and corrections – not lobbyists – to develop measures that let the good-guys keep the bad-guys off-the-street.

What has been done in the past clearly isn’t working. We need a better way !

You and I can’t spend more than we make.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that government shouldn’t be able to ignore that basic economic fact. Two words:  SPENDING CAP.

What has been done in recent years isn’t working.  We need a better way !

Unless you live in a cave, it’s obvious that many in the legislature want to strangle the golden goose.  Alaska is a resource state.  Over 90% of all money flowing into state coffers flows through the pipeline.  Yes, we need to diversify Alaska’s economy.  But right now, we need more oil in the pipeline.  We have the oil. We have the producers ready to produce.  We have a legislature that seems determined to drive the oil industry out of Alaska. That needs to change.

New opportunities come with new roads, new rails, new bridges... I spent years in Congressman Young’s office cutting bureaucratic red tape. I learned from the best.  Roads, rails and bridges lead to new business, new jobs and wealth for Alaskans. It all starts with the transportation industry and I'll work tirelessly to benefit the economy.

The question for voters is simple:

Do we want more of the same, or do we want A BETTER WAY?

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