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Josh Revak

Josh Revak

Joshua Revak was born on January 21st, 1981. His mother went into labor on the 20th, during Ronald Reagan’s first Inaugural address. Revak often quips, “Hell would freeze over before I’d be born into a Jimmy Carter administration. I waited for Reagan.”   

Revak’s parents humored the idea of naming him after his paternal grandfather, Ron Clayton Revak. Grandpa Ron, a staunch Democrat, refused to allow it. Ultimately, Revak was named Joshua Carl, after his maternal grandfather. Peace in his diverse family was preserved.  

Revak, an only child, was born into humble conditions. Poverty.  He spent his first years in a mobile home in rural Minnesota. His mother and father were hard workers. They saved every penny to buy a home of their own with land to grow crops and raise hobby livestock. “I never knew I was poor. We were content.” 

At the age of 8 years old his family leveraged every dollar they had saved and with the help of an angle co-signer, they were financed for a 1,000 square-foot homestead on 15 acres, built in 1896. “ I remember tearing out the walls during a remodel with my dad, only to find there was no insulation. Only old news papers and glass bottles from the 1800s were stuffed in the wall.”   

Revak learned his tenacious "never quit" work ethic though the day to day responsibilities of tending to the farm. He learned agriculture and the value of a hard day’s work by the age of 14.

Revak in Baghdad, Iraq, 2003

His parents divorced in 1993.  In the mist of those difficult years Revak, as an adolescent, was moved into low-income housing. “I turned into a wayward young man. As a 12 year-old, I was crushed by a broken home. Before I was 18 I had learned to party and I got a few alcohol related violations. I’m not proud of any of it, I'm just glad that I learned from it and grew up. Now I dedicate myself and my time to helping others and I have for years. I'm grateful to say that I don't drink alcohol and haven't for years." 

Josh enlisted in the U.S. Army as an M1A1 main battle tank crew member immediately after the events of 9-11-2001. He was in the Army by January, 2002 and deployed to Iraq in May, 2003 with 1-37 Armor, 1st Armored Brigade, 1st Armored Division, under the leadership of Major General Martin Dempsey.  Josh was deployed to combat again in January, 2006. He was severely wounded by an enemy mortar attack June 26th, 2006. His friend, Terry Lisk was killed in the same explosion.   

Josh was often recognized in the military for his strong work ethic and his musical ability. Most notably his remake of General Dempsey’s “The Bandit Song,” which was featured regularly on Armed Forces Network, Stars and Stirpes in Europe and Asia, and several other media outlets. He has also written and performed original songs in honor of the 1-37 Armor fallen soldiers. He performed tributes at the memorial services, as well as news engagements, talk shows and other events all over the country. "I never considered myself a real musician. There were always friends way better than me. I just used what I had to help in any way I could. Folks said the music helped them grieve, so I feel accomplished in helping in that way."  

After being honorably discharged from the military, while still recovering from wounds received in combat, Revak took a job with the Republican Party of Minnesota as the State Coalitions Coordinator. "I couldn't rest when I came home. I had to give back to my community and I found it meaningful to add to the political discourse from my perspective as a returning veteran."  He was integral in several local and state races. Revak continued to dedicate his time and energy serving his community, which earned him the Commander's Award for Public Service, a civilian medal awarded to him by the Adjutant General of the Minnesota National Guard.

Revak was wounded on June 26, 2006 in Ramadi, Iraq.

Revak was hired as Military and Veterans Affairs Liaison to Congressman Don Young in December, 2009. He moved to Alaska the following month with Marta and his two beautiful infant daughters, Keilah and Sydney. In the years to come he was recognized for his many successes in constituent services on behalf of Congressman Young.  "I learned how to cut through red tape from the best. I will be forever grateful for my time and experience in Congressman Young's Office." It was a busy time for Revak, as he was also a fulltime student, earning his MBA in business administration and management at Alaska Pacific University in the evenings. He earned inception into Sigma Beta Delta Honors Society for academic excellence.

He was hired by Senator Dan Sullivan in May, 2016, where he worked in the Anchorage office spearheading issues related the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans affairs. 

Josh recently resigned from this job he loved to run for public office, State House, District 25.   When asked why, he says "I still have so much more to give. Like so many others, I'm not happy with the way our state is being run and the lack of leadership. I'll work harder and I can do better, so I'm going to volunteer to serve once more. I love our neighbors in the Abbott Loop area and I want a better future for our kids."  


Experience and Achievements

U.S Senator Dan Sullivan - Veterans and military advisor

U.S. Congressman Don Young - Military and Veterans Affairs Liaison/Constituent Relations

Republican Party of Minnesota - Coalitions Coordinator, State of Minnesota

Alaska Pacific University - MBA, Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society for Academic Excellence

United States Army - Primary MOS 19K, Battle Tank Crew member

Abbott Loop Community Council -Treasurer (2017-2018)

Military Order of the Purple Heart, Anchorage Chapter - Life Member

Safari Club International, Alaska Chapter (SCI) - Director

SCI Wounded Warrior on Safari Program - Chair

NRA - Life member, Endorsed       

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Life member

United States Army
Battalion Public Affairs Officer/Personal Security, Logistics, and Unit Moral
Coordinator/Communications Specialist/Event Director /Armored Crewman/Leader

  • Presidential Citation, individual award

  • Commander’s Award for Public Service, civilian medal

  • Purple Heart Medal (2)

  • Army Commendation Medals (4)

  • Army Achievement Medal

  • Army Good Conduct Medal

  • National Defense Service Medal

  • Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

  • Global War On Terrorism Service Medal

  • Army Overseas Ribbon

  • Army Service Ribbon

  • Combat Action Badge

  • Numerous Certificates of Achievement

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